One of my favorite painters is the American landscape artist Fredrick Church. I remember seeing his work for the first time and wishing I could do what he did. I can remember clearly how in the fifth grade I was captivated by El Greco’s painting “Storm Over Toledo” when I came across it while looking at an encyclopedia. Likewise when I came across Thomas Hart Benton, Edward Hopper and Winslow Homer my desire to learn how to paint grew.

There are many special qualities in the works of these painters but for me the strongest appeal is their use of color . In their work expressed through the use of color I find a sense of both the power and beauty of nature and a spiritual relationship to it. In my own work this is something I try to express through color. I find vivid color irresistable. In painting the thing I enjoy most is the interaction with and experience of color that happens as a painting is created. To me putting color on canvas or paper is a tonic.

The other aspect that has kept me painting through the years is the creative thrill of composing a picture. When I paint I try to put together a picture that I will want to look at. To me the test of a good painting is one that will engage the viewers eye so that they will return to the picture not only for the pleasing and familiar but also to discover something new within the composition. This is always the goal of my work, to make a picture that that asks to be looked at and communicates through color and symbol an idea for the viewer to discover. It is my hope that the viewer will like what they see and will note my communication. I appreciate the time they haven taken to look.


Tom Waters grew up in rural Northern Wisconsin and spent much of his childhood outdoors where he experienced the wonders of the natural world which has inspired his work and life long relationship with creativity. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a degree in Zoology and later acquired a Masters degree in Education from the same school. Tom worked briefly as a Biologist for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. and then in the building trades as a carpenter, painter and pipefitter for twenty years. This was followed by twenty years as a High School and Adult Ed teacher in a variety of subjects including Woodworking, Painting and Drawing.

Tom began painting in the 1980s and has been actively developing his skills for the past twenty years. Tom’s catalog of work includes well over one hundred pieces. Tom has only recently begun to seek opportunities to exhibit his work and is looking forward to many exhibitions in the future.



University of Wisconsin Madison; B.S. Zoology and M.S Educational Technology


Painting and Drawing; Alameda Adult School Alameda CA 2002-2012.

Art Instructor ;Elmwood Correctional Facility, Milpitas CA 2002- 2011

Woodworking ; Mission Valley ROP, Fremont CA, 2014-2017


Sun Gallery, Hayward CA. San Francisco Artist Network, San Francisco , CA


California Lifetime Teaching Credential in Art as well as other subjects